Glove & Con Update

image from Glove & Con Update
Quick update on the gloves and the convention. My husband and I wore our gloves at the convention and they held up rather well. We could do most normal actions without any issue. We decided to take off the gloves whenever we sat down to eat just to be on the safe side. It was easy getting the gloves on and off. They were comfortable, no weird rubbing, and no popping of stitches.

Putting on a Foxy Face

image from Putting on a Foxy Face

My fox face is one of my favorites to put on. It’s also one that I can put on quickly. I put on this face twice at Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA). The first time I was a bit rushed on time since I had painted Kira in the morning as a snow leopard and worked during the day. The second time I had a lot more time. The photos shown here are my first run, so you’ll get to see the version where I didn’t have much time, but I’ll describe where I spent more time.

Modify Bought Costume Pieces

image from Modify Bought Costume Pieces

My husband and I bought some paws, hooves, ears, and a tail from a company that we like. We had bought from them before and haven’t had to change things. This time however, we needed to modify some of the pieces to fit us better or do what we wanted. This post is going to cover modifying the sets of paws. We have plans to modify the hooves and possibly the tail. I modified the paws first since they went with our costume plans for a convention this week.

Launching FoxyPossibilities

When Kira and I first decided to create, I wanted to find a solution to launch the site as simply as possible and require little maintenance on our part. There are a lot of decisions that go into launching a site, and it’s easy to get stuck trying to make the perfect site before it even launches. I want to share with you the decisions we made and the steps I took to get our site up and running.